About Stephen730

A few words about myself... let's see. Well, the name stephen730. The numbers, 730 coincide with my birthday, July 30th. The 'X' in my gmail address (stephenX730@gmail.com) is there because stephen730 was taken, so I put the x to represent the unknown like 'Racer X' in the cartoon, 'Speed Racer'. Also, it means, 'Times 730' as in stephen multiplied 730 times. At the time I didn't want to use my last name initial.

I enjoy programming website codes and exploring new technology. I've been a professional technology expert since I can remember. I'm a gamer, I enjoy playing online games when I can get the chance these days. I've always been a heavy gamer.

Music is another one of my passions, I always love listening to good music. I have an album of my own under a different moniker then what is listed here. I may or may not choose to release it, we will just have to see.

I enjoy working on my Escalade when I get the chance and have the funds available to do so. I'm a repairman and enjoy repairing things probably more than I should. I'm currently rennovating my house. It's really hard work but I enjoy the challenge. I've replaced pipes, the water heater, built several fences, replaced drywall, doors, toilets, the vanity, and many other things i'm probably not remembering at the moment.

I'm self-taught, meaning I've taught myself to do all these things. I've had no formal training or help whatsoever.

Other than all that, I try to lead a quiet life and avoid such things as politics. I enjoy policy, however, and try to keep up with that. I currently reside in Georgia, USA. I stay pretty busy most of the time, and when I'm not busy with work, I am learning and entertaining myself by watching tons of movies and/or listening to music. I mostly keep to myself these days and spend my time focusing on myself and self-improvement.