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(The memes contained herewithin are simply memes. To me, they are just memes and they are funny and have no deeper meaning. I am not affiliated with anything or anyone. They might be a little over the edge for some people use discretion please.)

NOV 28, 2021

Life sucks. It really has a way of just making you hate it and hate being alive. Of course, we go through life never truly deciding if it sucks yet. As if we can romance life into not being so bad. It just, it’s just horrible some times. Especially when you are all alone and you don’t want to be. I think about all these people who contribute to society and have pretty much dedicated their entire lives to a madness that they only started to be a part of something that was bigger then themselves. That’s the outcome some people have made for themselves.

You’d think if someone wasn’t interested in an awful life, they’d make better decisions? It’s almost impossible to do so these days. You are constantly binned and sorted into easy to manage catagories. Those free thinkers and idealists that were so prevalant and spouting their ideals? They are nowhere to be found. They exist in thought only. It’s about this time you feel the weight of the world, how large it is. How small you are. For me, this feeling is comforting. It’s almost as if it’s permission to shrink back into obscurity. To take the limelight of the universe off myself, and get back to living a life. At least that’s the plan.

Life can suck. It can also be amazing. It can be both. It often is. I’m just not sure I’m ready to put exactly what I think life is into a box and catagorize it just yet. I’m not sure. I’ve seen so many things. Many truths have been revealed and for what? To know that I don’t know.

This just in from HQ

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….’‘….……… _.·´

Yo. U Beat not funky enough. turn up FONQ~! NOW!

NOV 22, 2021

I’ve met you before. Yes. Strangely reminiscent. No? Perhaps.. Someone else then. My mistake.

NOV 21, 2021

Mr. Big Shot. Yeah, that’s what they used to call me. Seriously, a dude used to call me that. Specifically the head litigator for the BSA after 12 year old me trolled him back in the 90s openly hosting a warez site while hacking universities, military sites, and other websites that were left…. well… unattended. Yes. I was quite the character. I wasn’t even any good at the stuff I was just doing it to prove it could be done. What was I thinking? I often wonder that myself. It was like the wild west back then. Nothing like today.

Today it seems like it’s all just malicious. Just a way to lash out. It wasn’t like that then. The majority of people didn’t even think hacking could be accomplished. They considered it something fringe. It would be considered that way if not for people like myself and other hackers, free thinkers, and revolutionary what nots. They used to say it couldn’t happen. That it was so rare. We proved that not to be true. The early hackers were so important for today’s cyber security. In fact, we did too well of a job and you can see the main focus is on it. But at the same time, all that focus doesn’t add anything in the end result to fighting the problem. In fact, the added attention only compounds it. What a web we weave. Please, stand by.

NOV 20, 2021

We did it! Time travel complete. I woke up and found this article in the news. “Britney Spears Calls Out Christina Aguilera for ‘Refusing to Speak’ When Asked About Conservatorship on Red Carpet”.

NOV 16, 2021

I don’t understand how anyone can be upset at my website. It’s mostly satire. I don’t mean anyone any harm, I’m not pushing any hate. I don’t want to discriminate against anyone. They’re just jokes. You can’t really enjoy anything these days without it meaning you support something or whatever. That’s just stupid. I don’t see why I should be in trouble here just for wanting to have a joke, just for having a laugh. I’m tired of laughing at stuff only to be told a few seconds later that I’m now supporting something I would normally be totally against. It’s like… WHAT?!?! What’s the world come to.

NOV 15, 2021

NOV 14, 2021

Get pew pew’d boi. pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

or get boop’d. boop boop

or get oof’d ooooOOOooOOoOoOooOOOooooOOOoOOooof’d

NOV 13, 2021

NOV 11, 2021

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it. I have FINALLY captured actual audio proof of the phenomena everyone is so up in arms about. It took me a few days, but I’ve done it.

NOV 09, 2021

Recently I had the pleasure of sharing some important knowledge with someone who deserves it. They asked me, they tried to anyways, they said if I’m such an American, and I love this country so much, why would I eat food that was from other places? I was shocked! Not only was I shocked that they were having such a formulated thought and had the courage to actually ask me, but I was shocked that someone must have tought them that Americans only enjoy eating food designed inside the invisible wall we call a border.

I mean, American food is the greatest. It has to be. Think about what it is; American food is the epitome of all other cuisines. Just think about how unique, easy to prepare, cost effective, and how delicious something has to be in order to sell it to a bunch of people who came to this country with their own recipies that they thought were so great, great enough to leave home with and represent themselves elsewhere. So when something grabs the attention of our gastric awareness, it tends to be amazing. If something is so amazing why not have it every day? And thats where American cuisine is born. Not out of distaste for others, or a hatred for other foods. NO! In fact, quite the opposite. It’s a crying shame anyone would even think that to begin with. Which is why I started sobbing immediately. Not out of sadness, but from glimpsing only a fraction of the beauty America truly stands for. In God we trust, everyone else pays cold hard cash upfront. Immediately, a roaring laughter bellowed out shaking the entire area for blocks. So much so a warning was issued and they are still investigating. I don’t want to get in any trouble so I’ll just let them do their investigation. I want to tell them it was just the laughter, but they wouldn’t accept it.

Yes, America. It has that ability. No one in the entire world will make you hate something as much as America. They have the ability to serve a hatred so pure it will actually make you realize you don’t want it. I mean, WHOAH! I was a little pissed off, but THESE GUYS! AmIrite!? heh. It’s actually a truth that goes quite deep, when you obtain that kind of hatred, the power it brings, you realize how awful it is and how little you want it. Some people deceive themselves into thinking they do, that they want this power. They believe they need to use it because it’s all they have at the moment. But that’s probably the test, eh?

Moderation is one of the keys. I’d say, “America in Moderation”. It has a potency. Don’t you agree?

NOV 08, 2021

Do you ever just sit back and wonder about things? When you wonder, do amazing thoughts enter your head? Do you find these thoughts to be amazing only to be beaten back by others who tell you constantly that you are not amazing, and in fact, it is them who is the amazing one? Well if so, then this page might be of interest to someone.


And for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY… there is this kind of stuff.

Yes. No. Mostly nooooooo god noooooo.


pain pain pain pain pain

NOV 07, 2021

Before I sign off for tonight. I wanted to reiterate the importance of master peace.

NOV 07, 2021

A lot of people might just run around all over the internet, assuming that I just copy any paste, or have some kind of automation. NOT TRUE!!! Everything is just done by hand. It’s crazy, it’s an amount of work that quite frankly, I’m not that sure how I’m able to keep it all going. I’m very tired.

Watch out these fools back at it for a 6th friggen time.!!

NOV 07, 2021

I’ve been around this internet for a while now. I started on the 486 processors so that should tell you a little bit about my experience. I’ve seen a lot of wonderful changes. The best part about computers in the 1990s was the innovation. Ahhhhh yessss… mmm, sweet innovation. Everything was so new and wonderful. Were we talking to alien spaceships? Plugged into the galactic internet servicing our part of the milky way? No one knew, but everyone sure wanted to find out. So many fun things were happening, and I was also at that age where innovation can really take hold and inspire you. It did, it was a divine inspiration that I still vividly draw upon to this day. I never really understood all the politics going on, I was kind of a follower in the sense that I rebelled exactly the way they planned for me to. I was still being programmed, it was just alternate programming. At any rate, it was the innovation that really drove this industry to the place it’s at today. I would compare it to the math of old. Math was seen as something sacred, as so divine that it was considered itself to be holy. Computers were somewhat considered that to begin with when all the scientific communities were using the internet to link up, they had no idea the perils that awaited them. Well, maybe they did, they just probably thought they would be able to control the situation. If Pi has tought us anything, it teaches us that nature is uncertain, and can be a bit… well, tricky. As strange as that may sound, its one of the reasons I’m writing this here today. Innovation. I am innovating my thoughts onto the world wide web. This is a personal innovation, not neccesarily a societal one. It is, however, an innovation nonetheless. That’s the only reason I ever got into gaming to begin with. The innovative ways they brought gameplay to the PC. I mean, my GOD man! Some of the cool things they’ve done along the years? The amazing fun we’ve had all this time, are you kidding me? That’s better than divine, that’s so human. We’ve had a blast teaming up. Not to win, not to fight, not to hurt something or take away, or kill, but to create situations where we team up and come together. Either by fighting each other to make ourselves stronger, or by fighting along side each other always inspiring the mad beside us to do better (either one way or another). Oh the fights we’ve had as well. Through all the good times, there were plenty of horrible times as well. We sure did earn our right to enjoy it though. Any time I would sit there and think how boring games get, and can’t even comprehend how they think they are going to outdo themselves, all of the sudden they do.

Technology can be a positive thing, for sure. It’s all about how it’s used, or overused. One thing thats easy to overlook, is how delicate everything is. We like to pretend that it’s going to be around forever, that things won’t change. The truth is, things are all so delicately balanced. It’s quite a miracle that everything is still here intact. As many times we’ve been close to the brink of destruction. It’s just something to take a step back and look at. The balance must be repsected otherwise we will perish along with any greatness that might have been.

Think about this, when you fight in a video game, no matter what happens on the screen nothing is actually dying. Even if you kill an entire squad by yourself, it’s all just numbers being added. Nothing is being deleted or taken away. Their just numbers being moved around. In fact, when you shoot someone on the screen you create math problems and extra calculations that are made. The real world end result is actually creation. It’s when we fail to see this, to understand this that we devolve a little and lose our humanity. We regress and get a bit dumber.

NOV 06, 2021

They just don’t make em like they used to anymore… MOVIES! Yes. Movies. Recently, I saw a great movie, Heaven Sent. It’s from the 90s and its a faith based movie. It really warms the heart to see some of these old movies and yearn for a time when everything was exactly like it was in that movie. In fact, I even remember having some of the exact same experience.

And on the 6th day God said, “LET THEIR BE LELZ!” (at least the God I know did)

NOV 06, 2021

Sometimes, the jokes on ourselves. We like to assume that everyone else is always screwing up and we are so perfect. A lot of times, I can’t even count the number, I’ve had people try to pretend like they don’t cause any problem or do anything wrong at all period, no way no how. Not sure if this is something to be believed. In fact, I wouldn’t. If only there were a meme for this kind of stuff.

NEW! All new code with the classic memes you LOVE AND ENJOY!

NOV 06, 2021

I just realized something. The caveman had the first idea, so we are all essentially just ripping off the caveman. Terrible. Take the time to appreciate :(

NOV 04, 2021

I just can’t fathom how people think sometimes. There are two choices, either positive or negative. You’d think that people would want things to turn out for the better then they would start choosing positive choices and they would start making positive decisions, right? Not true. In fact, it has been my experience that people are simply no good at making decisions to better their lives in any way, shape, or form. In fact, that are quite incapable of making life decisions. I’ve been hired by people who punish me for trying to complete my tasks for their own business. I try helping people and they act like I’m getting away with being a good samaratin and they just aren’t going to stand for that! I mean who do I think I am? Some type of guardian angel or something? They’ll show me for being helpful!! It just boggles that there mind is all.

When I was typing in the date, I felt like I was missing something. Like perhaps there was an extra demarcation I forgot to fill out. It might just be these stale stuffed mushrooms I’ve had in the ‘kind of a refrigerator’. But maybe, just maybe there is an extra date notation that we will be entering in, in the future. Like perhaps we will be 11.04.2021 Timeline 73C. Who knows. It’s something I rarely think about anyway. Just wanted to also point out how we focus a lot on stuff we don’t like.

Sometimes in life, we tend to focus on things that we don’t like. I don’t like such and such so I spend all day demolishing this thing. Well, maybe so, but today I’m here to try to persuade myself to focus on the more positive life stuff. And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m on the brink of destruction again. I’m saying it because so many times I’ve just expected friends, and positive experiences to just happen… and they have. But now, looking back, I’m starting to wonder if it would have been cooler if I would have nurtured those fleeting passings into actual relationships. Probably not though, I mean, reality states that no matter what it always ends up falling apart in the end. Well, one thing is certain. I can’t be proved wrong nor can I be made to feel bad because we will just never know.

LOOK OUT MAN (that edge tho)

NOV 03, 2021

What happened to all the things that were worth going the extra mile for? It seems these days the only people that are out there putting any effort, barking the loudest are also the ones we could care less what they have to say. Contributing very little to further or move things along (in any direction) are some of the most vocal slackers I’ve ever had the displeasure of gazing upon. When I say slackers, I don’t mean in the ways of physical labor. Noo, I mean someone who is slacking mentally, unwilling to put forth the effort to work what they are thinking out fully before speaking about it. I’m talking about slackers who decide something is the way they think it is. I’m talking about those who think good ideas just happen to people, that they just fall out of the sky into a person’s skull. I’m talking about the absolute morons who can’t be bothered to consider a conflicting point of view when they are doing what they’ve dubbed, “thinking”. It is these slackers who can’t even muster the brainpower to continue after they’ve been proven wrong. Yes, usually slinging a stream of obseneties, names, labels, and other such nasties. The ones that think simply going against something is an actual viewpoint. The one’s who get so excited at the fact they were able to deceive someone (to what end, they aren’t even sure). Ah yes, the ones who disrespect theology by underpinning it as mere thought. In this day an age one would think it hard to find such people but no. This is not the case. These people are in abundance. Unabashed, they flock together, reinforcing each other like some type of mutated chain full of weak links that just keep coming undone. Really makes you wonder.

I find it a little suspicious that all this time I’ve been working on this, working on that and finally when I get stuff to start working out all of the sudden this coronavirus stuff starts happening, there are mandates, and all kinds of weird little quarks start happening as if to drive the point home that life is meant to be suffered through. I strongly disagree. In fact, I adamandtly disagree. One thing that I’ve noticed in life is that it is DEFINITELY not meant to be something you suffer through. If someone is telling you this, it’s because they’ve screwed up or given up to such a point that they aren’t going to try any more. I’ve noticed that people who hold that belief are ones who just don’t fight back. They simply let life suck and just go about their business. I fight for good times and to have a good strong viewpoint and a positive outlook. I’m not saying its entirely bright and sunny, but I’m not depressed with myself. When no one is looking, I have a great time. Just be careful not to be seen having a good time otherwise you attract bad attention. Anyways, it seems like it’s just all against me. Especially since now all this amazing hemp stuff is out. It just seems like evil is trying EXTRA HARD to bring everyone down and make it seem like you are supposed to suffer through life. I know, all this is not just me, and there are tons of us going through the same thing. But it still sucks and seems like its just me. Patience. These are the trying times right now and many changes are happening. People cannot accept that and its just crushing them. Which personally I am enjoying. A lot of folks are resistant to any change at all because they feel it MAY affect their lifestyle. So they will block success for many others and that just can’t stand.

We have to look at our actions and understand what they mean. Everything we do is for our own evolution. The directions we take, everything. It’s for evolution or it’s wrong. Recent advancements in science have lead to the bridging of the gap or the divide between our conscious selves, our souls, our minds, our hive minds, and all that in between. These bridges are starting to become understood, defined, and manipulated in such ways that parts of our self that were not meant to communicate, will start to do so. Eons of evolution, undone by the will of some drunken tyrant with the newfound ability to change himself on command. Look around and ask yourself if you see a guiding hand of goodness that would step in to quell whatever fire that broke out. No, absolutely not. We are all but alone out here in this galaxy. Left up to our own device, fighting beside each other, helping our fellow man make it in this life. Once that erodes and the selfless needs of human compassion erode, we are left with something similar to a machine. Not fully awake yet.

NOV 02, 2021

Turned out nicely. Sometimes it’s easy to say this. You can run around and look at all the things in your life and say, “WOW! Turned out nicely!”. This is not one of those situations for me. Technically I could say it, I could just up and say the words, devoid of any meaning whatsoever, and just run through the motions. It wouldn’t be honest. It wouldn’t be legit. To be truthful, my integrity would suffer if I were to make such a statement knowing it to be based in falsehood. But, that’s okay because at the end of all this I’m that much wiser. I really got a good view of what lengths people are willing to go to just out of sheer lack of something better to do. Not only that, but the way people are so easily driven to do such terrible things and blame it on some invisible force. People want to see others perish for merely choosing not take a vaccine that no one can truly say what’s in to begin with. Yes, these are revealing times. Folks you thought were so smart and down to earth, well, they just make you lose all hope for humanity. Ah well, we all gotta go sometime, eh? heh. Enjoy my site before you check out! Thanks for visiting the internet on planet earth. Dimension 1B.

(Watch out these guys are BACK AT IT)

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